Yennier Cano and family on the All-Star red carpet

The red carpet experience that MLB puts on the day before the game, where the year’s All-Stars dress themselves and occasionally their families up in a type of glamorous fashion that there’s not typically much occasion for in the baseball world, is one of the enjoyable extras of the All-Star Game.

Orioles fans haven’t had as much opportunity to enjoy this in recent years because there haven’t been many All-Stars in seven years, just like with everything else related to the festivities. The Orioles All-Stars Félix Bautista, Yennier Cano, Austin Hays, and Adley Rutschman showed up and dressed up before the game on Tuesday afternoon.

I’ll share the outfits with you without much discussion and let the commentary to someone whose sense of fashion aesthetics is superior to mine, which is nonexistent.

Brandon Quinones, the Orioles team translator, is also present with Bautista. I believe I am competent to state that the translator’s appearance is less ambitious.

For last night’s Home Run Derby, Adley Rutschman brought his father along, and he also brought his mother and sister to the red carpet.

Cano and his family are shown in the image above with this article. Here is a photo of Cano with just the baby since one can never have enough adorable baby pictures:

If I wore those shades, would I appear stylish? Really, don’t respond to it.

Hays, who had custom suits made for himself and his two boys, should not be overlooked here. As of this writing, he has not managed to get himself added to a twitter or photo stream I have access to, so have a look at this Orioles tweet that features images of all four men and their teams.

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