Which business to open in 2023

The lack of work, the crisis from which we have not yet fully recovered, the desire to renew one’s career, or simply to work on one’s own , lead many today to wonder which sectors are worth investing in to start their own business.

When you decide to start your own business, you need a lot of determination, planning, analysis and above all a winning and original business idea .

To successfully start a business, in fact, it is necessary to develop an entrepreneurial project that not only meets the needs of the reference market and the target but is also able to distinguish itself from the competition in terms of originality and functionality.

Which business to open in 2023

Once we have found a winning project able to excite us and in line with our skills and knowledge, we will need a lot of patience and determination to start the new business . A new business, especially in an unstable economic period, requires a lot of planning and shrewd and targeted business choices to be successful .

If you also want to start your own business but lack inspiration, we’ll give it to you. Below we will list 26 of the sectors that are currently the most popular and most profitable , 26 entrepreneurial activities with excellent development and growth prospects for 2023 and for the years to come.

The list below is constantly updated , come back to view it periodically to find many new winning and profitable business ideas in the current market.

1.Green Economy

The attention of the world and of the great nations is focused on the environment. Despite the thousand obstacles ahead, the green sector will be pushed to ensure that new solutions are created and that existing ones are implemented and disseminated. We have therefore collected in a single category all the activities that can be started in franchising or in partnership to enter the green economy sector.

  1. Analysis and Sampling Centers

A well-known sector but which since 2020 has found the springboard to approach a wider audience. The private analysis and sampling centers guarantee performance and services of a quality that is completely similar, if not superior, to the same provided by public structures. The main strength is certainly the greater speed of the service.

  1. Online Activity

What we have learned in recent years is that the “online” sector is the one that best absorbs or even takes advantage of moments of market crisis. If you are a person who likes working on a computer and you have skills in the sector, I strongly suggest you evaluate some of the best franchise proposals to open an online business.

  1. Funeral Homes for People and Animals

In times of crisis as in times of development and growth there is one thing that is always certain, death. Death is part of life and an inevitable thing. Those who have decided to invest in this sector, which experiences low but constant growth, know this well. Then a very interesting niche related to pets was born. People have fewer children and very often choose a pet to spend part of their lives together. In addition to all the new rules related to the correct management of a pet’s post-death, the loss of a pet is lived in a more painful way than in the past and significant sums are spent to celebrate the deceased. If you are interested in these two sectors.

  1. Tax Assistance Centres

Only taxes are safer than death. The State always wants those. Even in times of crisis, when perhaps the State provides incentives and contributions, tax assistance is a service that citizens and companies cannot do without. So if you have accounting skills, I suggest you consider opening a tax services agency. You don’t know how to do it and would like to learn more about its potential, here are some ideas.

  1. Micro Electric Mobility

The electric mobility sector is constantly evolving and today more and more consumers are choosing sustainable and ecological vehicles for their journeys, especially in the city. The rental, as well as the sale, of small electric vehicles such as bicycles, scooters, electric scooters, which are perfect for getting around the city for both workers and tourists, prevails over others. Starting a business for the rental and sale of small electric vehicles is therefore a business idea with great potential, especially if value-added services such as maintenance and repairs, guided tourist tours, etc. are integrated.

  1. Feeding for Animals

Attention to the quality, wholesomeness and origin of the products is also growing for the feeding of our 4-legged friends. With increasing attention to animal welfare, the demand for healthy, natural and organic food, as well as personalized, is also growing, especially for dogs and cats. In addition to personalized nutritional consultancy services and home delivery of healthy and 100% natural foods, new and interesting business ideas are born today in the sector, such as the most recent vending machines for natural animal foods.

  1. Training for Children

Training is now fundamental in every area, from school to work, passing through the personal one. Whether it’s learning a new language, deepening a school subject, acquiring artistic and musical skills or even learning how to exploit technological and IT tools, training is today a fertile and profitable market, especially when the target is as delicate as that of children . Training aimed at children must in fact be carried out with certified and effective methods, as well as interesting, interactive and innovative for children. Parents, on the other hand, will be willing to pay well for a professional service to ensure the learning of the little ones.

  1. Automatic Distribution

The automatic distribution sector is today capable of incorporating almost any type of goods, product or service. From fully automated laundries to food and drink shops open 24 hours a day, up to the most modern vending machines that are real fast foods thanks to the integrated cooking systems, passing through dispensers of drugs and parapharmaceuticals, cannabis products or still of products for adults. Opening a business in the vending sector is cheap and easy to manage, an excellent investment for the next few years.

  1. Home care for the elderly and sick

A sector that has shown no sign of slowing down in the last 10 years. A constant and solid growth which, perhaps by its very nature, the crisis has not affected, indeed if anything it has strengthened it. Opening a service agency for the elderly and for the person requires knowledge of the sector and the various dynamics. It is a market where one can hardly improvise. To make the difference, then, strong personal skills and sensitivity / empathy towards the needs of others.

  1. Real Estate Auction Consultant

There are many properties that have ended up in the hands of banks or the tax authorities for the most varied reasons. These properties are auctioned to be transformed into liquidity and it is precisely in these auctions that real business can be done. The operation of the auction itself is not complex but it is very important to know the various clauses or obligations associated with each property that is advertised. Thus the figure of the auction consultant was born: a professional who follows you in your search for the best property to buy at auction and throughout the purchase and possible resale process.

  1. Real Estate Specialized in Rentals

If houses are hardly bought anymore, surely they are rented out, because a roof over one’s head is needed. The greater mobility required by the modern way of life leads people to move much more than in the past and this has facilitated the success of real estate agencies specialized exclusively in rentals. Commercial soul and a real estate agent’s license are essential: the first must be sought within oneself to see if it exists, for the second it is enough to take a recognized course.

  1. Medium and Long Term Car Rental

Long-term vehicle rental is an increasingly requested service and new innovative agencies have been created for this purpose. Very often they don’t even have a fleet of cars on site, but rely directly on a network that supplies them with the vehicles that customers choose from the catalogue.

  1. Catering

The restaurant sector is always in first place in Italy for turnover and profitability as well as for innovation. Every year new original and successful formats are born in the restaurant sector that have led many new entrepreneurs to success. The elements that in this case cannot be missing for the success of the business are absolute quality, attentive customer service, passion and originality.

  1. Poké

Poké is a vegetable and/or rice salad with chunks of raw fish, sauces and other ingredients of your choice, very fresh, healthy and really very tasty. It can be seen as a reinterpretation of sushi even if it is a dish of Hawaiian origin. It is certainly one of the most interesting new trends in the world of catering as it is very versatile: it is ideal for lunch breaks, it lends itself well to delivery and to be consumed at the moment in a frugal way. These elements are driving these activities a lot, which even in times of lock down manage to work well.

  1. Car wash at home

An activity that is no longer new but that does not seem to stop its success is that of the home car wash. Convenience for the customer and a smart format for new entrepreneurs have led these mobile home car wash stations (often ecological, with steam or with ozone) to have ever greater success.

  1. Food Delivery

The home delivery sector is experiencing exponential and dizzying growth throughout Europe. Especially food delivery, i.e. the delivery of meals and drinks at home, is proving to be able to produce really interesting turnovers with a minimum initial investment for the entrepreneur.

  1. Recycling and Ecology

In a consumerist world like ours, it can be said that we are living in the disposable era, producing a worrying amount of waste of all kinds. In this case, not only a solution arises from a problem but also an entrepreneurial activity with excellent earnings and growth prospects linked to recycling and waste disposal but also to the use of renewable energies and ecological solutions.

  1. Private Post Offices and Multiservice Agencies

For the past 20 years, the postal services sector has been making headlines. After the liberalization of the sector there was the birth of this new business which immediately had a great flare. In the early years, dozens of franchise networks were born. After the initial boom, a phase of descent always follows, which in this case was slight as the sector remained at the center of the country’s economic life mainly due to the ever-increasing need to send and receive parcels and then also due to the integration of the years of more and more services such as payment services and services connected to logistics, which have made these private postal agencies become real multiservice agencies. The sector therefore continues to grow despite the covid, indeed perhaps it has also partially benefited from it.

  1. Cannabis supplements

The cannabis sector is highly dynamic and full of new business ideas, as well as one of the markets with the highest growth rates in recent years in Italy. An interesting business idea to open a business in the world of legal cannabis is to open a business focused on supplements for well-being and health, designed for both humans and animals, perhaps accompanied by cosmetic and therapeutic products based of CBD and cannabis.

  1. Online Stores

The online sales sector has been growing for several years now, thanks to the change in the purchasing habits of consumers who increasingly turn to the web and online for their needs. However, opening an online store means entering an ultra-competitive market in which to be successful you need an attractive format, quality products, effective pricing and promotion strategies, a high-performance and easy-to-navigate e-commerce (website / APP), as well as targeted communication and marketing strategies, as well as an efficient logistics and customer assistance system. Surely the franchise is an excellent tool to simplify and streamline the start-up and management of the business. Many networks also operate with the advantageous system of DROPSHIPPING, allowing you to start the business with a limited budget.

  1. Logistics and Shipping

The logistics sector has always played a key role for individuals, organizations and companies of all types. Thanks to globalization, the change in consumption and life habits, as well as purchases, and the exponential growth of the e-commerce sector and online sales, logistics, shipping and express courier services are more in demand than ever in today’s market and profitable.

  1. Energy

The energy sector is more than ever under the magnifying glass, thanks to the constant increase in costs related to it and the search for increasingly sustainable and ecological solutions to meet the growing energy needs of individuals and companies. A growing success therefore have the activities specialized in energy services and consultancy with a particular focus on renewable and sustainable energies and energy efficiency in order to reduce consumption.

  1. Fitness and Sports

The fitness sector, despite the decline suffered during the recent pandemic period, is once again as strong as ever. To date, businesses that focus on the home fitness trend, which also grew during the pandemic period, are particularly growing, as are fitness centers and gyms specialized in personal training services, training with EMS and specialized, for example in functional training .

  1. Advanced Aesthetics

The beauty sector has always been extremely profitable, but it is even more so in the current market. Thanks to new trends, the role of social media in modern society, as well as the growing attention towards one’s aesthetics by an increasingly heterogeneous and broad target of people, there are many successful businesses in the sector. Today, businesses that offer advanced aesthetics, i.e. innovative, effective and avant-garde treatments in the aesthetic field, are growing above all, with treatments ranging from anti-aging to slimming, from hair thickening to skin care treatments, and many still others.

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