Treliving will have to wait for the Flames’ pick before joining the Leafs at the draft

Only after the Calgary Flames have utilised their first-round pick may Brad Treliving sit at the Toronto Maple Leafs’ draught table.

There was a lot of speculation that Treliving wouldn’t be able to see the entire 2023 Draught with the Leafs, but that is no longer the case. Treliving has assured TSN’s Chris Johnston that he will be able to join the Leafs’ leadership as soon as the Flames make their selection at pick No. 16 overall, according to Johnston.

When Calgary makes its decision with the 16th choice on Wednesday night, Brad Treliving said he can join the #leafs staff there.

Treliving’s ongoing contract with the Flames prevents him from immediately joining the Leafs. Although the 53-year-old left the company in April, his contract is still in effect until June. One of the requirements of that deal is that he must wait until the Flames have selected their first-round pick before sitting at the draught.

This most recent upgrade has many perplexed and criticising how useless it will be.

Many fans have expressed their astonishment on Twitter, pointing out that Treliving would have no trouble reaching everyone at the table using his cell phone even if he wasn’t seated at the table.

Treliving and the rest of his staff will have some time to discuss who they plan to select with their first-round pick in the No. 28 position once they are permitted to sit down at the draught table. If they still have it, that is.

Given the uncertain futures of William Nylander and Auston Matthews, there have been rumours that the Leafs are willing to trade their first-round pick for immediate roster help. This team is certainly in win-now mode. The second pick they now have isn’t until the fifth round at No. 153 overall, so if they were to transfer the first pick, they might have to wait a while to make the second.

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