To incorporate Highlights Tab on Twitter, follow these steps

Since Elon Musk became Twitter’s new CEO, the microblogging service has undergone a clear transformation and expansion with a number of new features for users to allow them express their opinions and share their thoughts in a more original and descriptive way. The Tesla CEO recently unveiled a new feature dubbed “Highlights Tab” that is quite similar to Instagram’s “Highlights” function. Users will be able to highlight their favourite tweets in a new section at the top of their profiles called “Highlights.”

Now that this is available, Twitter users can present particular messages to guarantee their prominence and maintain their value.

The update was posted on Twitter by the Doge Designer account with the comment “Highlights Tab is now live on Twitter. Your profile can now feature your favourites tweets. Elon Musk also reposted the tweet.

What is the operation of the Twitter Highlights feature?

Users must do the following actions in order to use the feature:

  1. Decide which tweets you wish to highlight as your favourites.
  2. To access the ‘Highlight on your profile’ or ‘Add/remove from highlights’ options, click on the three dots in the top right corner.
  3. When you click on the same link, the tweet will appear at the top of the user’s profile.

Notably, the function will only be accessible to Twitter Blue subscribers, enabling them to improve their online visibility and utilise the service as an additional promotional tool. In addition to this, the functionality will serve a number of other functions, such as making an impression on potential subscribers with interesting tweets.

Elon Musk’s perspective on changing Twitter

Elon Musk has been working hard to make a number of modifications to the microblogging platform, and this is important to notice. According to the New York Post, he recently stressed that the platform’s emphasis will likely be on video, creators, and commercial relationships.

Musk has revealed that the company is trying to create a video app for Smart TVs, which will allow customers to watch Twitter videos on their TVs, in addition to the Blue Tick subscription and the ‘Highlights’ page.

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