The relationship between Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton “is suffering,” and divorce “might be in the cards,”

Late in June, Gwen Stefani appeared on a British talk programme and unexpectedly became tearful. When the hosts presented a video of legendary ska performer Pauline Black wishing Gwen well, the singer was talking about the U.K. destinations on her current tour. The obviously moved actress replied, wiping away tears, “Wow, I’m shaking.” The surprise collapse shocked viewers, but a source told Star that the “Hollaback Girl” singer has been particularly prone to breakdowns lately: “The smallest thing sets her off.”

The insider claims that Gwen, 53, is anxious due to a deteriorating relationship with her husband of two years, the famous country singer Blake Shelton. As Blake, 47, concentrates on his game show, Barmageddon, and Gwen is preoccupied with touring, the former coaches of The Voice are being pulled in opposite directions.

For Gwen and Blake, times are difficult, the insider claimed. “The relationship is deteriorating since they are spending so much time apart. Friends are concerned that divorce might be in the cards for them if they don’t handle their issues before they get out of hand.

Gwen and Blake were inseparable for a long time. Before quitting the show in the spring, he worked as a coach on The Voice for 23 seasons; Gwen costarred with him for seven of those. The insider continued, “They used to do everything together,” noting that “some might even say they were together too much.” “They’re both distracted by their work,” the source continued, adding that he is now concentrating on Barmageddon (the inebriated USA Network series was extended for a second season in March) and life at home on the couple’s Oklahoma ranch. Everyone can see that they are experiencing problems. They would have little in common if not for The Voice.

The insider said, “There isn’t much for them to talk about. Their differences are now blatantly apparent: Gwen is a city girl at heart, while Blake is a down-to-earth country boy. “She can put on cowboy boots and sing a country duet with Blake, but Gwen doesn’t really fit in that whole country lifestyle,” the person said. “She misses L.A. and all its conveniences when she’s in Oklahoma.”

Despite purchasing a $13 million property in the affluent Encino neighbourhood in 2020, the insider continued, “Blake’s not really comfortable living in the big city with all the traffic, noise, and crowds.” Gwen confides in friends that she is concerned about their marriage’s status. The source revealed, “She feels the change in the relationship more than Blake does.” She has admitted to friends that she is dying to see them drift away in this way, but she is at a loss for what to do. Their chemistry was incredible when they initially started dating. Gwen wants them to rekindle their romantic chemistry, but it takes two to tango, and Blake appears preoccupied.

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