Pokemon Go’s shiny Rhyhorn preview has 100% flawless IV stats

Rhyhorn, the Spikes Pokémon, is the focus of this week’s Spotlight Hour, which… kind of works? It resembles an armoured Pokémon more. The rhinoceros Pokémon may have also been used. Nevertheless, this is a fantastic chance to search for the ideal Rhyhorn in Pokémon Go.

Rhyhorn is a fantastic Pokémon for Spotlight Hour, not because it is used in competitive play, but rather because its final evolution in Pokémon Go makes a powerful raid attacker, therefore you will nearly always need Rhyhorn Candy.

In light of this, you’ll be happy to learn that this week’s Spotlight Hour, thanks to the double catch candy bonus that coincides with the event, may pay off in raids for years to come.

Pokémon Go’s Rhyhorn has 100% flawless IV stats.

The spotlight hour this week offers a fantastic chance to catch a Rhyhorn with ideal IV stats.

Depending on how you want to employ a specific Pokémon, the term “perfect” has two different meanings in the game. First, there is the fully upgraded, 100% IV version, which is the 15/15/15 you need for your Master League, raids, and 4* Pokédex. However, a perfect IV Pokémon is typically only ever the best version of itself in the Master League because of how CP is determined utilising three stats.

Naturally, you can’t view a Pokémon’s IV without first catching it, but with some advance research, you can immediately identify a perfect Rhyhorn just on the CP alone.

For a perfect 15/15/15 Rhyhorn, you should ideally be searching for the following CPs if you are at Level 30 (or higher):

Level 30 (maximum wild CP): 1415 CP
Level 35 (1533 CP, weather-boosted wild CP maximum)
Since most players are now over Level 30, we’ve stuck with these values to keep things simple. The wild CP value corresponds with your Trainer Level until you reach Level 30. If you are currently below Level 30, however, these statistics will be different.

Rhyperior: Is it good for PVP?

No. It’s quite terrible, sadly, because it has a double weakness to both Grass and Water because it is a Ground/Rock Pokémon. This effectively eliminates it from Great League and Ultra League immediately away. We are not blind to the irony of this Pokémon knowing Surf, but it is what it is, and what it is is horrible.

In all three leagues, Rhyperior operates Mud Slap (Fast), Rock Wrecker (Charged), and Surf (Charged). You have a Rhyperior because of Rock Wrecker, Mud Slap delivers a powerful blow, and Surf provides protection.

In Pokémon Go, is there a shiny Rhyhorn?

Yes, there is a shiny Rhyhorn in Pokémon Go, just like with every Kantonian Pokémon. In this instance, as a part of the game’s Community Day celebration, shiny Rhyhorn joined in February 2020!

How does Rhyhorn appear when it is shiny?

Shiny Rhyhorn is the response to the query that was posed: What if Rhyhorn utilised a mud bath rather of Mud Slap? as you can see below.

Okay, so no one asked that question, but that is what we are dealing with here: a strangely bronze mud, as opposed to the slate grey armour that usually adorns Rhyhorn.

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