Meghan Trainor and her husband Daryl Sabara have welcomed their second child

For Meghan Trainor, who recently welcomed her second child with husband Daryl Sabara, it’s all about the kid.The singer of “All About That Bass” and “Made You Look” announced the birth of a second boy on Instagram on Tuesday with a sweet image of a mother and son bonding after surgery.

The 29-year-old performer and her husband announced Barry Bruce Trainor’s birth in a joint statement on July 1st, which marks their seventh anniversary of their first date.”We had an amazing, successful c-section, and I finally got to have skin to skin time! He was a big boy at 8 pounds 7 ounces…and sideways (transverse)!” Thank you to all of the wonderful medical professionals that treated us so well.

This week, pop singer Meghan Trainor will mark the seventh anniversary of her first date with actor Daryl Sabara as well as the birth of her second child. The singer revealed on Instagram that the pair gave their newborn child, who was born earlier this week, the name Barry Bruce Trainor.

“We welcomed Barry Bruce Trainor into the world on July 1st (our 7 year anniversary of our first date),” Trainor wrote.The celebrity also disclosed that the baby’s position in the womb required a C-section to deliver it.

“We had an amazing, successful c-section and I finally got my skin to skin time,” the mother said. “He was a big boy at 8lbs 7oz…and sideways (transverse)!” Trainor composed.

Along with pictures of Barry getting to know other family members, Trainor also shared pictures of herself and Sabara holding the newborn. Several famous people congratulated Trainor on the newest member of her family in their comments on her post.

“Go, Mommy! And Barry, welcome to the party! “, writes actress Mandy Moore. What a lucky dude, I say. Meghan, oh my god! He’s perfect!!!!,” exclaimed popular TikTok actress Elyse Myers.

Riley, Riley’s first kid, was born to the “All About That Bass” singer in February 2021. In January, Trainor shared a photo of herself holding up a strip of sonograms with the statement, “BABY #2 COMING THIS SUMMER.” Trainor then went on to announce her second pregnancy.Trainor has been candid about her pregnancy and parenting, talking about the challenging side effects she had to deal with, such as perioral dermatitis, insomnia, heartburn, and “mom guilt.”

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