Mega Millions winning numbers for July 14, 2023. Little winners

The $560 million Mega Millions drawing held on Friday did not produce any winners. For Tuesday’s drawing, the jackpot will be $640 million, with a $328 million cash alternative.

For the second-tier reward, four tickets had to match all five of the white balls. One of them, sold in South Carolina, is worth $2 million and came with the optional Megaplier. The other second-tier winning tickets were purchased in North Carolina (one) and California (two).

The jackpot for Tuesday ranks eighth all-time in Mega Millions.

Mega Millions results for July 14, 23

The Mega Ball was 15, and the winning numbers for the drawing on Friday night were 10, 24, 48, 51, and 66. 2X was the Megaplier.

Any Mega Millions winners from last night, July 14, 2023?

The Mega Millions jackpot wasn’t won by anyone who got all six numbers right. Three tickets, each worth $1 million, have all five correct numbers except for the Mega Ball. One of those tickets was purchased in North Carolina, while the other two were bought in California.

How many Mega Millions lottery numbers are required to win a prize?

In Mega Millions, all you need to match is one number to win. The Mega Ball, which costs $2, must be that number, though.

The Mega Millions drawings take place when?

Every Tuesday and Friday at midnight are drawing days.

What is the Mega Millions game?

Each play in the Mega Millions lottery costs $2.
A prize can be won in nine different ways, ranging from the jackpot to $2.

One number from the gold balls numbered 1-25 and five different numbers from the white balls numbered 1-70 are the two pools of numbers from which players can choose their six choices.

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