“Is that Jungkook?!” – Han So Hee’s Instagram post leaves netizens in astonishment

The recent rumours of a cooperation between Jungkook and well-known actress Han So Hee have fans intrigued. Nothing, however, is genuine unless it is confirmed or a new product is released.

But in recent days, internet users have discovered a fresh bond between Jungkook and Han So Hee that has everyone in awe. It originates from an actress’s Instagram post that also includes a movie from a long time ago.

Netizens are unable to ignore the parallels between the two in the following scenario:

Actress Han So Hee is well-known and adored in Korea. She began her career as an actress in several of her idols’ music videos. As “Tell Me What To Do” by SHINee, “The Hardest Part” by Roy Kim, “That Girl” by Jung Yong Hwa, “You & I” by MeloMance, etc.

She began her acting career in Reunited Worlds (2017), though. She had, however, already appeared in The Doll Master. She received her first leading roles in Money Flower on MBC TV in 2017 and 100 Days My Prince on tvN in 2018.

Han So Hee, an actress, recently shared with her millions of admirers on Instagram her fond memories of the 2004 film The Doll Master. This is Han So Hee’s first movie, she revealed. But admirers were pleasantly surprised when the actress’s post surfaced.

It’s because of the strong resemblance between Jungkook and another actress that admirers can’t help but notice. No one else has the audience as captivated as the like-minded persona portrayed by actress Lim Eun Kyung and positioned in the middle of the picture.

The actress’s striking resemblance to Jungkook from that viewpoint baffled fans, who were quick to mistake her for him. It makes sense that so many admirers believe it to be a female version of him given his eyes, nose, and lips.

Even others who are similar to him have reported seeing Jungkook in unexpected locations. There are numerous comments underneath Han So Hee’s post that draw attention to this amusing resemblance:

What’s Jungkook doing here, bro?

  • Lim Eun Kyung resembles Jeon Jungkook remarkably.

What the heck is Jungkook doing there?

  • Wait, she reminds me of Jungkook!

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