In this early preview from their upcoming Hallmark Channel film, Aloha Heart, Taylor Cole and Kanoa Goo share a tender ocean moment

This trailer for Taylor Cole and Kanoa Goo’s upcoming Hallmark Channel film, Aloha Heart, features a tender ocean scene between the two actors.

Here is a complete summary: Manu (Goo) adores his native Hawaii. His passion is for conservation despite the fact that he is fully aware the family hotel must undergo significant operational adjustments. His family rejects his pricey recommendations because they want to maintain their competitiveness with larger resort hotels on the islands.

At her buddy’s wedding, which is taking place at Manu’s hotel, Sara Hamilton (Cole) is both the best friend and maid of honour. She is beginning to lose hope that she will be able to follow what matters most to her because she has struggled to make a name for herself in the field of environmental protection.

When Sara and Manu first meet, she has a tonne of ideas for making the hotel a more environmentally friendly enterprise, but her overzealous attitude just irritates Manu. Manu and Sara discover they are in fact soul mates as the wedding approaches.

Sara must strike a balance between her passion for her work and taking in the life that is all too swiftly passing her by, while Manu needs assistance in enlisting the support of his family to run the company properly.

They learn that they make the perfect kind of team in their new relationship, especially as an unexpected love for one another deepens their desire to improve the world.

Watch Aloha Heart online

A Hallmark Channel original film is Aloha Heart. Many cable TV bundles include the Hallmark Channel, but if you’ve cut the cord there are a few alternative ways you can watch. For instance, Hallmark and Peacock have a collaboration that allows subscribers to the streaming service to watch new films.

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