How to Use Aeroplane Mode to Turn Off Instagram Read Receipts

Instagram is a well-liked social media site where users may post pictures, videos, and messages, but it has one drawback: unsolicited interactions. Despite your desire for some privacy regarding the messages you receive, if you open a direct message, the sender will immediately be aware that you have read it.

There are various solutions if you wish to quickly glance at a message without alerting the sender despite the fact that there is no way to disable read receipts on Instagram. The instructions below can help you manage your Instagram read receipts.

How to Use Aeroplane Mode to Turn Off Instagram Read Receipts

Using your device’s aeroplane mode is one approach to covertly disable read receipts on Instagram. You can read messages using this technique without letting the sender know.

This isn’t a lasting fix, as we’ve already stated. You can only check your Instagram messages quickly if the app has already loaded them for you without opening the thread directly.

If you access the messages “folder” in your Instagram app, this ought to take place. However, you might only notice that a small subset of the messages load (or they don’t load at all) if you missed out on a lengthy thread of messages.

The methods below will show you how to read Instagram messages while in aeroplane mode.

To access your message inbox, open the Instagram app on your smartphone and tap the messages symbol in the top right corner. Do not open or view the messages until you have given them time to load.

You must turn on aeroplane mode before you can read any messages. On Android, scroll down from the notification panel and press the symbol for flight mode or aeroplane mode, depending on your device, to do this. The aeroplane icon in the Control Centre can be accessed by swiping down from the top-right corner of a recent iPhone and tapping it.

Your device’s Aeroplane Mode will turn off all wireless connections, including Wi-Fi and mobile data. Before continuing, make sure the Wi-Fi icon is greyed out or has a line through it.

Then, open the message you wish to read by going back to the Instagram app. Instagram is unable to recognise that you have read the message since your device is not connected to the internet.

Close the Instagram app after seeing the message to make sure it’s not active in the background.

When you’re ready, access the Control Centre on an iPhone or iPad or the Notifications panel on an Android smartphone to turn off aeroplane mode and re-connect to Wi-Fi or mobile data.

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