Elon Musk declares temporary restrictions on Twitter

On Saturday, tens of thousands of Twitter users in numerous countries had trouble or delays accessing the social media platform.

For individuals who utilise the app, “Rate Limit Exceeded” and “#TwitterDown” are the two most popular trending topics. By Saturday midday, there were over 40,000 tweets from the former.

According to DownDetector, reports of disruptions started at 8 am EST and increased rapidly throughout the morning. More than 7,400 outage reports were recorded across the internet as of 12:00 EST, according to DownDetector.

Users said that their feeds weren’t loading and that they were faced with an error notice that read, “Sorry, you are rate limited.” CNN journalists among them. Please wait a short while before trying again. Some users said that the website was having trouble retrieving tweets.

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Musk modifies the law

After users started reporting issues, the website’s billionaire owner Elon Musk tweeted that temporary limits had been put in place “to address extreme levels of data scraping and system manipulation.”

He claimed that verified accounts are only allowed to read 6,000 posts per day while unverified ones are only allowed to read 600. At 300 posts each day, new unverified accounts are created.

To increase sales, Musk started giving users who subscribe to Twitter Blue a blue verification tick mark.

Later, Musk announced that he would “soon” raise the daily tweet cap for verified users, unconfirmed users, and new unverified accounts to 8,000, 800, and 400, respectively.

Many people expressed their anger about the connectivity issues. Other hot topics in the US were “Wtf twitter” and “Thanks Elon.”

Just recently, it seemed like Twitter was limiting access to its site for users who weren’t logged in. It was unclear whether the modification was a deliberate revision to the policy or a mistake. On Saturday, 44% of the reported issues were with the website, followed by 39% of issues with the app.

Similar widespread service interruptions affected Twitter users in March, making it one of the worst outages since Elon Musk took charge. In that case, more than 8,000 users reported disturbances.

With the appointment of Linda Yaccarino as the platform’s new CEO, Musk is attempting to revive the business, which has been suffering from a loss of advertisers.

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