How to Use Aeroplane Mode to Turn Off Instagram Read Receipts


Instagram is a well-liked social media site where users may post pictures, videos, and messages, but it has one drawback: unsolicited interactions. Despite your desire for some privacy regarding the messages you receive, if you open a direct message, the sender will immediately be aware that you have read it. There are various solutions if … Read more

Seven prominent American artificial intelligence companies will provide safety measures

Seven prominent

The White House stated on Friday that seven major American A.I. businesses had agreed to voluntary controls on the technology’s development and had pledged to work towards safety, security, and trust even as they competed for the potential of artificial intelligence. At a meeting with President Biden at the White House on Friday afternoon, the … Read more

Apple is set to introduce a range of features with its upcoming iOS 17 update


Apple is preparing to offer a few updates for iPhone customers in an event set for September after introducing its newest operating system, with an emphasis on iOS 17, in its WWDC event in 2023. Notably, the eagerly anticipated iOS 17 will have a number of new features that will enhance the user experience. Apple … Read more

What is the AI? and How does the AI works!!

What is the Ai – Artificial intelligence (AI) is the general term for the development of intelligent computers that require human intellect. Thanks to the successes of deep learning and machine learning, AI systems already rule the computer science subfield in practically all technological domains. INTRODUCTION The Covid-19 pandemic has brought about a tectonic shift … Read more