Kevin Mitnick “chief hacking officer” of a cybersecurity firm, died on Sunday in Pittsburgh

kevin mitnick

Kevin Mitnick, who at the beginning of widespread internet usage in the mid-1990s became the country’s archetypal computer hacker — obsessive but intelligent, shy but mischievous, and potentially dangerous — and later used his skills to become “chief hacking officer” of a cybersecurity firm, passed away on Sunday in Pittsburgh. He was 59. Pancreatic cancer, … Read more

Residents in Southern California experienced a 3.8 magnitude earthquake near the area of Malibu

Southern California

On Sunday morning, near Malibu, a 3.8 magnitude earthquake struck Southern California’s coast, according to officials. According to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), the earthquake struck the Pacific Ocean at roughly 2:29 a.m. local time, around 12 miles from Malibu and 36 miles from Ventura. According to USGS ShakeAlert on Twitter, the earthquake was too … Read more

The ruling on affirmative action prompts Black Justices to criticize one another

Black Justices

Two Black justices argued over the merits of affirmative action in a remarkable conversation that took place within the pages of a Supreme Court ruling that declared racial admissions at colleges and universities across the country to be unlawful. Justices Clarence Thomas and Ketanji Brown Jackson sharply countered one other’s arguments, illuminating the intense disagreements … Read more

Treliving will have to wait for the Flames’ pick before joining the Leafs at the draft


Only after the Calgary Flames have utilised their first-round pick may Brad Treliving sit at the Toronto Maple Leafs’ draught table. There was a lot of speculation that Treliving wouldn’t be able to see the entire 2023 Draught with the Leafs, but that is no longer the case. Treliving has assured TSN’s Chris Johnston that … Read more

Billionaire James Crown, a prominent figure, tragically loses his life in a racing accident

James Crown

According to a news release from the Pitkin County Coroner’s Office, James Crown, a wealthy businessman and philanthropist from Chicago, received blunt force injuries after colliding with an impact barrier at Aspen Motorsports Park near Woody Creek. The coroner’s office is still looking into Crown’s death to determine the precise cause of death. Crown, who … Read more

The wildfires in Canada have resulted in the most severe air quality in cities such as Chicago and Detroit


Chicago, Concerns about the Great Lakes region’s air quality as well as in some areas of central and eastern America are being raised by the hazy curtains that are being produced by smoke that is drifting from the current wildfires in Canada. The worst air quality in the US on Tuesday afternoon, according to the … Read more

Top ten cryptocurrencies to consider buying during a market crash or dip.


Here is our carefully chosen selection of the top cryptocurrencies to purchase during a market crash. This thorough compilation is the result of in-depth analysis, thorough market research, and a thorough review of numerous criteria. ApeMax is a ground-breaking cryptocurrency project with innovative tokenomics that presents a one-of-a-kind investment opportunity with significant growth potential. Leading … Read more

Here are nine cryptocurrencies that are recommended for long-term investment potential.


The industry’s versatility is one of its best features. You have access to a broad selection of prominent cryptocurrencies that can aid in the development of a robust portfolio. Consider the cryptocurrency InQubeta, which is built on Ethereum and has garnered widespread attention due to its distinctive use case. InQubeta can be credited with attempting … Read more