Amazon Prime Day is a two-day annual sale event exclusive to Prime members, learn how to Shop Like a Pro

The first day of Amazon Prime Day is tomorrow! Exclusive to Prime members, this annual discount event lasts for two days. If you are a Prime member, you can take advantage of a ton—and I do mean A TON—of offers, but just on July 11 and 12. Although Prime Deals can be daunting, using my Amazon Storefront and this list of the top-selling Amazon products will enable you to conduct professional Amazon Prime Day shopping.

Because I found Amazon Prime Day to be too overwhelming, I used to avoid purchasing. I would stop buying items altogether because there are too many. I joined a programme last year that allowed Amazon to share their Prime Day fashion and beauty picks with me, making it MUCH easier to browse through all the products. I browsed through a number of the categories and saved my favourites so that my Amazon Storefront has a wide selection for you to choose from.

Using My Amazon Storefront to Shop

Simply said, my Amazon Storefront is where I compile all of my favourite Amazon products in one easy-to-find location for you. To make your buying experience simpler, I may organise them into categories like beauty, home, purses, shoes, etc. Clicking here will take you directly to my Amazon Storefront.

Reader Favourite Amazon Finds This Year
I took a look at every Amazon product I’ve previously posted for 2023, and I’m sharing the most popular home, fashion, and beauty things with you! You should start with these best-sellers if you want to shop at Amazon Prime Day like an expert.

The Top 2 Amazon Fashion Finds of 2023

#1 Women’s Wrangler Authentics Denim Jacket

My favourite denim jacket is this one. The large I’m wearing fits me perfectly. The perfect length for me is when it reaches my hips. It’s wonderful that even while wearing a big, I still have room to layer a thin jumper underneath it because I enjoy wearing denim jackets in the autumn and winter as well.

(2) Short-sleeved top
The bestseller among you girls was this shirt! This top fits me well even though I’m wearing a large. It’s a little sloppy, but nothing outlandish. I believe the top runs true to size, so a medium would definitely fit better.

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