5 Passive Income Opportunities for earning hundreds of dollars monthly

Want to make hundreds of dollars but don’t want to put in long hours of labour each day? The alternatives listed below will serve as your additional sources of income if you currently have a job. Let’s get to work making money if you don’t already have one.

Nidhi Nagori, a career coach and Instagram influencer, offers five passive income options to help you make hundreds of dollars per month in light of your increased expenses and inflation rate. This post is for you if you have the necessary abilities and a little bit of patience. To provide you with a few possibilities, we got in touch with Nidhi Nagori.

She advised looking for remote work and employers outside of your native nation when looking for passive income sources, particularly in North America and Europe. This will enable you to close a better sale, she noted. For instance, imagine searching for a remote work in the US but residing in India. You will receive 82.01 cents for every $1 earned.

The possibilities below are freelance employment, so keep in mind that they don’t offer any perks. There is no set wage, but you can choose how many hours you wish to work each day, week, or month.

For the majority of the occupations listed below, you’ll need to be an expert in your industry and have reliable internet access at home.


Another organisation where you may apply is Voxtab, where openings include those for translator, transcriber, quality analyst, captioning editor, and subtitle specialist. Additionally, a targeted language is an option. You should be aware that payments on this website vary depending on the project.


GoTranscript, which allows users from all around the world to apply for employment in any nation, was suggested by Nagori. On the website, there is a list of transcription tasks with the payment information (Fee Imposed On UPI Payments) next to each audio file.

You can choose a career based on which language you are proficient in. To accept payments, you must have a Payoneer or a PayPal account.

Transcription Services

Another website where you may quickly apply for the position of a transcriber is Transcription Services. You will discover an email address and the format required for application submissions.


A UK-based business called Outsec provides freelance positions. They are somewhat time-bound, though. They might mention a job role and an applicant’s best week of availability, for instance. Then you can apply on this website and get paid in pounds if you have that much time. Legal, financial, media and interview opportunities, HR, medical, etc. are all available for you to seize.

Casting Words Workshop

Another website where you can find short-term employment as an editor or a transcriber is Casting Words Workshop (Negotiate Salary For Higher Pay). They give employment opportunities to citizens of nations where PayPal operates.

According to Nagori, if you choose the best options and provide enough time to finish your work, you can make between $700 and 750 (about 57,000 to 61,000) every hour.

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