20 Easy Small Businesses You Can Start With Under $100 Today

“Everyone dreams of one day being their own boss.” Of course, having your own small business isn’t always easy; However, funding yourself and playing golf, focusing all that hard work on one thing that can only benefit you, has several advantages. However, the only factor associated with starting a new business is the high cost.

But there are a lot of business ideas that are very inexpensive to start, and they will be very profitable if you implement them on time and put in the effort. These areas bring together all the businesses that have little or no starting price, most of which start from scratch but run a website and some deceptive social media. Keep in mind that these units of area represent a few ideas, and these units of area are, in all likelihood, many, many of them. Trust what people want or need and provide for them.

20 Easy Small Businesses You Can Start With Under $100 Today

For example, these people started a makeup artist service. They will return to your house and hug you. otherwise it will happen to them. Any. Apparently, there are a lot of single people there, it’s nerve-wracking, but it’s also a good opportunity to earn extra money.

So, Here Are The Best Small Businesses You Can Start For Less Than $100

Small Batch Creator

If you’re a food legend, create the most effective chocolate bars in the world, or eat cheesecake your mom will sell you for, then consider becoming a small portion maker! Take samples of your items to different cafes and restaurants to celebrate what you have! This is one of the most profitable business ideas.

Instagram Flat Lay Photography

If you already have a decent camera and are good with colors and elegance, consider becoming a flat Instagram photographer! Provide your services to Instagram and Facebook companies that need beautiful images of your actions. Get a distinctive backdrop from your home flooring center.

Shoot from above, paste and edit, and you have an attractive Instagram Flat You to simply cash in on. Images can be called associated, sold out for $100 more! Even easier: check out an online printer and pay an hourly rate to make all the styles and images yourself.

You then become a “manager” and can sell multiple images to multiple users and even post those images on various stock photography sites. As you get older, you will either use a lot of graphic artists or work with them for many hours. This is truly a scalable business! There is no denying the fact that this is without a doubt one of the best part time business ideas.



You know the way to clean, right? Various cleaning products rely on the consumer to offer them improved products, thereby saving money there. If you need to supply your own, you will definitely do so on a budget. And you’re leaving. will charge between $20 and $25 per qualifying hour. Make sure you market your business well to get new business opportunities.



Tutoring is also one of the companies that will start for less than $100. Promoting your tutoring services isn’t difficult, but online platforms are making it easier than ever. If you’re willing to help students with educational subjects, sign in to an online site like Tutor.com. If you’d rather teach people about a wider range of subjects like chess, sports, cooking, or singing, try Wysant.com. Be sure to evaluate the business idea before starting anything.

Tutors usually work for $50 an hour, and while these websites get a good deal of that, they offer a free thank you to get you started. From there, you will create a neighborhood business and start hiring others to adapt to your business.


Errand Service

Travel services are often a natural business involving food delivery or vice versa. Again, if you already have a car, you’re good to go. Usually people want someone to inspect their dog’s reception or run to the store if they don’t leave the house. To get started for next to nothing and cause pain from the amount of work a business can entail, sign in with TaskRabbit.com, an online platform that brings together those who want to run errands and fires those who want to. do them for some time. agreed price. This eliminates the need to pay cash to promote yourself (at least initially).

You can find a specific niche that suits you and makes money. For example, if you get frequent calls asking you to bring your pets to veterinary appointments, you can change your position as a pet taxi service. Create an adequate business plan because you must not forget that the business plan is the key.


Logo style

If you’re creative, creating a logo can be relatively easy to get started. It will cater to high-end people by creating terribly distinctive logos, or provide inexpensive styles that start with templates and area units modified to suit consumers.

One of the best ways to get started is at Fiverr.com. Brand designer statistics show the size of the market. The most popular emblem designer has over 6,000 customer reviews. Fiverr.com charges a dollar for every $5 sale, so you might be amazed at how sellers accumulate money. Make sure you write a work plan before doing anything. If necessary, also review a sample business plan.

It’s all about additional services. Some brand designers make it very easy for a basic sale (adding the name of the organization to the template), however they provide additional services that can add $100 or more to a qualifying order.


Uber driver

These days, most people have noticed Uber and Lyft because they are two of the best ride sharing services available. The great thing about Uber and Lyft is that there’s not a lot of upfront payment (assuming you already have a car!). New drivers will get a city bonus, they are constantly trying to expand and you will have a huge incentive for the city.

Unfortunately, the bonuses are not revealed (half because they are constantly changing), but you will constantly increase them. There are unit area ratings for cars and you can upgrade your car insurance, however this can be a business that you run in your spare time and on your own terms. I have done several rides with Uber drivers. The World Health Organization considers it compelling because of its flexibility. Write winning business proposals to be successful in this business.


Independent writing

It constantly annoys me a little that people say that generating money online is too tiring. Of course, it is quite difficult to make money online as a regular financial profit, but there are always ways to make money on the side. One of the best ways to start making your first money online is to write freelance letters.

With over a billion active websites on the web these days, there is a huge demand for content creation services and hiring freelance writers. With sites like TextBroker, anyone can become a part of these open market writing sites and easily get paid for the initial content writing that is requested from the different site owners, blogs and brands on the web.


Learn online

Online education is booming (a $300+ billion industry) and online academic divisions are making reasonable money. How can I know? I teach online on platforms like Udemy and SkillShare.

So, here you are, nevertheless, starting an online education business.

First, select a few categories on Udemy and SkillShare (related to your niche).
Determine what you’re working on smartly
Create a category and run it
Once you get comfortable with teaching online, I suggest you create your own platform, i.e. sell your categories on your website. You will probably save more money by trading your own site.

In fact, I would suggest getting a decent electro-acoustic transducer, so your investment will be ~$50.



For this business plan to be economical and successful, you may need to have bookkeeping and/or knowledge-level accounting experience and some level of accounting code proficiency such as QuickBooks. If you have these skills combined with exemplary attention to detail from employees, starting an accounting business for various small business owners is the business for you too. You can also take free online business courses.


WordPress developer

It seems like everyone needs an internet site lately, whether they’re a commercial homeowner, a blogger, or just a hobby they need to surf the internet. And WordPress is the most popular platform to use. However, there is a learning curve and some people just don’t have the time or interest to be told what they need to understand.

If you are WordPress savvy, then creating and running WordPress websites can be an easy task for you.



If you are connected with knowledge in one business, people can hire a consultant. Basically, this is not a reasonable alternative for everyone, since, for example, business development, your business renewal content strategy will depend largely on word of mouth. Don’t forget to write a description of the company.

However, if you already have a good name and just need to go from 9 to 5 to freelancing, this might be for you. The valuation will be normal for your business.


Virtual Help

There are a number of service departments ready to focus on virtual assistants: email, appointment creation, bill payment, accounting, data entry, travel booking. The virtual assistant will basically do everything that can be done live, but not at home. This company, Zirtual, estimates its cost from $400 to $1,200 for up to sixteen hours and up to fifty-five hours individually. However, this is a relatively new gig and you will most likely see what the market can handle.


Writing a resume:

We can tell you in no uncertain terms that there are many people the World Health Organization could use to write your resumes. If you are very smart in this, I encourage you to help them.

it will charge anywhere from $100 to hundreds of dollars for resumes from entry level to government level.


Tourist guide services

Once again, the network has made all the difference by lowering the barriers to starting a business. Forget business cards (at least initially) or trying to convince travel agents to offer you a guide.

If you know the area well, just log on to a site like Vayable.com and let them spot your customers and get a cut of the revenue. Once you figure out what the problem is and save up some money, you will encourage returning guests to come back to you (and your new employees) right away.


Delivery of products

If you have a car, you have what you would like to deliver with food. While Webvan.com didn’t create giant grocery delivery scales, there is a market for tiny timers, as evidenced by the numerous search services available on the Internet today.

In order for shipping to be cheap for the customer and economical enough for you to make a good profit, you will have to cater for a really limited space. You can start by talking to senior residents in a very advanced living space, promising delivery only 2 days a week to quickly process as many orders as you want.

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